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Automotive content creation, information design and publishing.

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The really simple car photo library

A unique library containing up-to-date images of every passenger car available in the European market.


Automotive content creation

Everything from short news items, through to illustration and infographics, up to extended features and white  papers.


Contract publishing


Full service delivery of one off or serial publications in a variety of paper and digital formats.


The really simple car photo library...

The motorfolio photolibrary is a unique library of high-quality images of cars provided in a consistent series of viewpoints and formats.

Currently we have around 4,500 images of cars which we are constantly updated to include the latest models and upggrades. The core set of images are photographed under natural lighting conditions within vehicle dealerships. 'New arrivals' or forward models due for introduction into the market, are also photographed at motor shows or at points of entry into the market to ensure maximum completion of the library.


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The library shows each unique make, model, body style / door combination available within the European vehicle market. For each model there is a portfolio of the same view/angles of the exterior. The library of images is serviceable for all European markets.

Designed with the web in mind

Clipped, neutral backgrounds and consistent viewpoints make the images ideal for website integration, catalogues and price list views. The standard viewpoint work particularly well in a comparison or side-by-side page layouts.

No copyright exposure

Copyright of the images is legally unambiguous. This is an important point - recent legal actions now prevent website owners and others from using or distributing manufacturers' 'editorial' pictures outside of an editorial context. Using such images on commercial sites has resulted in the publishers being pursued for copyright breaches, forced to remove images from their sites, and made to pay damages to the photographer and copyright owner.

Data integration

The naming conventions and coding of the images in the library allows utilisation with a variety of different data suppliers and formats giving simple linkage of photos to different third-party data.


Available as a complete collection on an annual subscription for automotive websites and portals. Available in packs of 10, 25, 50 images for vehicle dealer/brokerage websites. Individual images available for use by publishers, researchers, and other bodies available on request.


content creation

Automotive content creation

Motorfolio can provide specialist publishing support ranging from short news snippets and blog content, news articles and whitepapers, through to the full service delivery of journals, magazines and books. We are equally comfortable working with digital formats or supplying traditional, printed materials.
As well as providing content covering a range of subject areas within the automotive field, we are also happy to perform a traditional arm's length editorial and publishing role to professionally realise publishing commissions on behalf of a client.  


Specialist knowledge: digital marketing, product & technology, transportation policy, future models, autonomous and connected technologies, sharing models, automotive finance.
Additionally we have  access to a network of researchers, writers, editors and illustrators in a number of closely related areas.

Formats / deliverables
Digital: Wordpress / Wix domain branded microsites; Adobe .pdf; InDesign / Illustrator production ready files; powerpoint; 
Social media


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Information design / infographics

Design / infographics

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Contract publishing

Full service


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